day29 30paintingsin30days

Keeping a straight face when a portrait photo is taken.. difficult. This quick sketch in blue illustrates a straight face and leaves me wondering what the subject is thinking. Personally i like the suspense of not knowing and also the satisfaction of the moment lingers longer.

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day28 30paintingsin30days

I had fun painting the sunlight in this landscape scene. I feel like I am painting with a lot more ease.  The texture on the panel surface helped a lot with the painting knife and brush work giving the painting something extra to explore. I did leave the trees and dry branches which were scattered all over the foreground for a later painting.

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day24 30paintingsin30days

This second in a series of a sunrise over a veld. I am interested in seeing the actual colour changes which occurs in a landscape at different stages of a sunrise. The veld seems quite blue and turquoise just before the sun breaks over the horison.

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day21 30paintingsin30days

Today is the diamond of the challenge.  I found the blue eyed girl with the red glove a real eye catcher and decided to oil it on canvas.  Of course the fun factor was present with a twist – I added the egg timer to the mix and gave myself one hour.  I almost made it…

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day20 30paintingsin30days

I tip my hat to all the artists and enthusiasts who joined in this challenge.  Of course a great thank you to all loyal followers of the arts. I commend you on your artistic endurance to have reached this point.  I further wish to encourage you all finish your quest .. I had fun with the red theme and am committed to finish the challenge.  In case some of you were wondering.. fun can be tiring, but it is still fun.

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day19 30paintingsin30days

Another part of the whole .. I feel the pressure building as we near the 2nd third of the challenge.  By now i am in the rhythm of painting daily and enjoying the fact that my studio space is seeing at least one painting a day.  Enjoy this still life

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